Our Story

Two friends from business school, one American Jewish one Saudi Muslim, who love lounging around the house.  

When Amal gave Kate a jalabiya (traditional Saudi house dress) to wear around their apartment at INSEAD in Singapore, she was hooked.  Before they knew it, they were in Riyadh, trawling the markets for the most luxurious and comfortable leisurewear around.  Back in London, Kate’s friends started eyeing her elegant house dresses, especially over zoom once the pandemic struck, and wanted some of their own... and Kalila was born.

The name Kalila (a girls’ name in Arabic and Hebrew) comes from the book Kalila wa Dimna, a classic collection of animal fables translated into Arabic in the 8th century that spread across the Middle East and beyond.  Magical and universal, it seemed just right for us.

And we do wear western clothes sometimes too:

Get in touch: salam@kalilalondon.com