Meet Inaash!

We have been huge fans of Inaash for the longest time, so we jumped at the opportunity to bring their gorgeous tatreez clothing to the UK (and in fact, anywhere…).

For 50 years, Inaash has made the finest quality artisanal products.  Using a vast archive of material, Inaash’s artisans, over 400 Palestinian women in refugee camps in Lebanon, adapt the traditional Palestinian embroidery, tatreez, to modern designs.  They keep the traditional art of tatreez - and a part of Palestinian culture - alive, and allow us to appreciate it throughout the world.

Inaash allows us all to learn about traditional Palestinian design and enjoy it in a 21st century aesthetic.  Their work has been featured everywhere from the British Museum to the Centre Pompidou, which highlights the outstanding quality of their craftsmanship.  We are delighted to work with them at Kalila!